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Oregon Concealed Handgun License 

The OR CHL is the only Concealed Handgun License accepted in the state of Oregon. Only residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California are able to obtain an OR CHL. One of the statewide accepted prerequisites to obtain an OR CHL is our “Oregon Concealed Handgun License Class”.

Overview of the "Oregon Concealed Handgun License Class".

  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • "Tactical" issues
  • CCW Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Holster
  • "Gun free zones"
  • Reciprocity with other states
  • Firearms storage
  • Oregon "Use of deadly force laws"

The class is taught in combination with the Utah CFP for those who wish to obtain UT CFP.

Fee $35/per student for class, ...additional state fees occur when the student applies for OR CHP at their local county Sherriff's office.


Class Schedule 


After attending this class the students will have a fundamental understanding about Handgun safety, the rights and responsibilities associated with the carrying of a concealed Handgun in the State of Oregon.

This is not a live fire shooting class and we encourage our students to participate in one of our “Defensive Pistol” classes.

Please see our Calendar for available public classes or inquire at 503-577-6824 about a private hosted class.

  Maps are courtesy of www.usacarry.com 


OR plus UTAH plus ARIZONA Concealed Carry Licenses:

Blue and Green states accept your Concealed Carry Licenses

Red states do not accept your Concealed Carry License

Black states deny Concealed Carry