MK Tactical
Store Team 

Name: "Senior" Mike
Mikes hobbies have always had to do with the outdoors, shooting camping and  hunting. He is an Army veteran with time served as a  helicopter door gunner in Vietnam. He is a certified NRA instructor specializing in novice shooters  no matter what age or gender. One of his favorite things to do is to  teach new shooters how to safely handle and shoot handguns. He is retired  and works at MK because of the great customers and co-workers. 

Name: Terry-Richesin
Terry Richesin is our "Class 3" (NFA Title 2 firearms) specialist. He is a former NFA Manufacturer (02/07 FFL) and a NFA firearms enthusiast. Terry is an active shooter and competes in 600 yd "F-Class" precision rifle matches; he is an NRA Certified Rifle and Pistol instructor and a NRA Patron Life member. He also holds a brown belt rank in Small Circle Ju-Jitsu.

Name: Molly
She is a 3 year old Aussie-Poo ( ½ standard poodle, ½ Australian Shepard). Molly loves tummy scratches and doggie treats. She is trained to shake your hand and chase a squeaky ball. Her jobs include door greeter, watchdog , and will always walk you to the Glock handguns. She enjoys her time off away from work playing with her heard of 2 other small poodles at home. Be careful however, when Molly lays on the floor to rest, she will not move out of your way, you will need to step over her.